Our custom cutting from die cutting can be done the traditional way with a metal die or using a digital method.

One of the common option adopted by our clients in print finishing is die cutting. You can use it to produce unique shapes, message windows, multidimensional surfaces, boxes and much more. As crude as it may sound, die cutting isn’t an complex process, it is like making a cookie cutter for your printed material.

Use of Custom Die-Cutting

Die cut is mainly used for cutting out folders, business cards, invitations and point of sale. Die cutting can also be used to cut paper in various shapes to lend a unique style to several printed objects like greeting cards for instance. First, the printing is completed and then the cut out is created. If any alterations are required, then Folding and any “glue-ups” are done in the end.

Process of  Die Cutting

The cut is made using a special die shape as the design. The die has sharp metal strips placed into a cut block. The printed sheet is pressed onto the die using a high pressure roller which punches out the desired shape. This works a lot like a “cookie cutter”.

An infinite set of shapes can be played around with to create an awesome effect on printed material like folders, point of sale and mailers. This ensures that your publicity material stands out. It doesn’t only have to be a change in outer shapes. You can play around with various sections of paper. You can punch a hole in the center of your design or create a design around the edges of the paper. Mailers with such innovative designs have a better impact than standard mailers as the uniqueness of the design makes them stand out. We have produced mailers in many more intricate designs like snowmen and guitars to name some. There are a huge variety of options available. If you are interested, please give us a call for more details.