PVC Sintra Boards

PVC Sintra Boards are known by many names, including vinyl signs, plastic signs or Sintra signs.
The bottom line is that they serve the same purpose and offer the same benefits.
In addition to our every day low prices on Sintra signs, we also provide the following to our customers: 
We can make PVC boards in a large range of sizes all the way up to a maximum of 46” x 96”. Our PVC signs that are 46” x 96”.
For custom vinyl signs in a custom size not listed on our drop-down menu.

•Single sided
•Indoor/Outdoor use
Our top quality PVC signs are printed on a flatbed UV printer with fade resistant inks or Printed on vinyl adhesive film and mounted to sintra pvc boards.
The material itself is very durable. PVC does not absorb water and is resistant to cracking, warping, rotting or peeling.
This substrate will not delaminate in an outdoor environment,
significantly prolonging the lifespan of your sign investment
PVC signs can be used for logos, advertising signage, directional signage, real estate signs and much more.
Due to its longevity and affordability, many people are choosing to utilize PVC signs indoors for replacement of older, less durable materials. 


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