We have a vast range of card stocks, papers and materials in which we print. Below we have provided a very detailed explanation of most of our stocks to assist you in choosing the best cardstock for your order.

PT vs LB vs GSM

The reason you find a weight measurement gsm (grammes per square meter) is because paper and card is sold by the metric tonne to suppliers in Europe (primarily), and so is priced to that format.

In the United States, the most popular way of measuring paper & card stock is in "lbs" or "#" (pounds) since paper & card is measured as pounds per square foot.

Card is sold using both caliper and weight to give the buyer more information. Commercially available paper/card for printing usually is only sold as pt especially when dealing with very thick stocks.

AIthough weight and thickness usually correspond, it is not always the case. For instance, an embossed card with a raised design may be thicker because of the embossing, but not necessarily heavier. So if you want a sturdy card, look at the gsm or lb measurement rather than the thickness, whenever we don't always provide the gsm or lbs on thicker stocks so it is best to come in and view a sample in person.

Card Stock Finishes

Uncoated Matte

Dull Matte

Semi Gloss

High Gloss UV