Same Day Sintra PVC Boards Printing 

Same-day Sintra PVC Boards Printing is known by many names, including Foamex, Forex, Foamalite, Palite, and Komatex for us on vinyl signs, plastic signs, or Sintra signs.

PVC poster signs (Sintra) are made from a durable, rigid material that looks fantastic with full-color printing. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Great for way-finding signage, directions, advertising, and other creative uses. PVC signs are weather-resistant, drop-resistant, and scratch resistant to create a long-lasting alternative to foam board, gator board, or poster printing.  

The bottom line is that they serve the same purpose and offer the same benefits. In addition to our everyday low prices on Sintra signs, we also provide quality outdoor ink with every PVC board and awesome finishing options like grommets. 
We can make PVC boards in a large range of sizes up to a maximum of 47” x 95”. Our PVC signs that are 47” x 95” can also be joined using proprietary durable custom-made fastener materials & techniques for custom PVC sintra boards up to 96x96 or larger.
For custom pvc signs in a custom size not listed on our drop-down menu please contact us.

• Single-sided or double-sided
•Indoor/Outdoor use





Our top-quality PVC signs

are printed on a flatbed UV printer with fade-resistant inks or Printed on vinyl adhesive film and mounted to sintra PVC boards.
The material itself is very durable. PVC does not absorb water and is resistant to cracking, warping, rotting, or peeling.
This substrate will not delaminate in an outdoor environment,
significantly prolonging the lifespan of your sign investment
PVC signs can be used for logos, advertising signage, directional signage, real estate signs, and much more.
Due to its longevity and affordability, many people are choosing to utilize PVC signs indoors to replace older, less durable materials.


PVC printing


Custom PVC Displays

Here are some products very well known for using Foamex, Forex, Foamalite, Sintra, Palite, and Komatex

  • presentations
  • menu boards
  • in-store advertising
  • post signs
  • other signage displayed on a wall or stand
  • tradeshow booths
  • a frame inserts




Same-Day Impact: Custom PVC Sintra Board Printing from

When time is of the essence and you need a durable and professional display solution, PVC Sintra boards emerge as a top choice. At, we specialize in providing same-day custom PVC Sintra board printing services, ensuring your messages, graphics, and presentations make an immediate impact with speed and durability.

The Sturdy Elegance of PVC Sintra Boards:

PVC Sintra boards, also known as PVC foam boards, are renowned for their durability and versatility. Comprising a rigid, closed-cell PVC structure, these boards offer a smooth surface that is perfect for printing vibrant visuals. Whether you're creating indoor displays, signage, or presentations, PVC Sintra boards deliver a sleek and professional look.

Why Choose for Same-Day Printing:

Express Turnaround Times: Urgency is our priority. With our same-day printing service, your custom PVC Sintra boards are ready promptly. We understand the need for quick delivery in the fast-paced world of promotions and events.
Quality PVC Material: Despite the swift turnaround, we prioritize quality. Our custom PVC Sintra boards are printed on high-quality PVC material, ensuring a sturdy and long-lasting display that effectively showcases your visuals.
Vibrant Full-Color Printing: Our advanced printing technology ensures that your designs maintain vibrant colors, sharp details, and the clarity needed to make a lasting visual impact. Whether you're presenting charts, graphics, or promotional messages, your PVC Sintra boards will captivate.
Versatility in Design: Our same-day custom PVC Sintra board printing service caters to diverse design needs. Whether you're creating retail displays, exhibition boards, or corporate presentations, we offer design flexibility to meet your unique requirements.
Ordering Made Effortless:

Placing an order for same-day custom PVC Sintra board printing at is a seamless experience. Share your specifications, upload your designs, and our efficient order processing system ensures a swift journey from concept to completion.

Swiftly Elevate Your Visuals:

Whether you're preparing for a last-minute presentation, setting up a spontaneous event display, or need urgent promotional materials, our same-day custom PVC Sintra board printing service is the solution. Elevate your visuals with PVC Sintra boards that combine quality, versatility, and speed to make an immediate and impressive impact.

Place Your Same-Day Order Today:

Experience the speed and impact of custom PVC Sintra board printing from Place your same-day order today and witness the perfect blend of speed, quality, and customization, all designed to bring your visuals to life with swift and impactful displays. Your same-day impression starts here!

Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.


Rush PVC Boards Types

Same-day PVC Board Printing can either be directly printed on using out top of line UV printing machines or mounted after printing our exo-solvent inkjet machines. For added durability, we can also apply a laminate over your print which can easily add 10 + years of weather & sun resistance.

Benefits of outdoor quality materials

We know many people don't keep these products past their lifespan - however, printing in high quality with weather-resistant ink on weatherproof materials allows your print to have a squeaky clean and sharp print throughout the time you use whether it's one year down the road or many more years.

custom PVC boards

FOREX® Boards in a rush

The FOREX® product family offers a wide choice of lightweight, high-quality sheet materials with excellent surface properties. This makes FOREX® “the material of choice” for numerous indoor and outdoor applications.

FOREX®classic is the premium sheet in the FOREX® product family with the best mechanical and physical properties and appropriate surface quality.

FOREX®print is specially designed for the printing industry. It is a lightweight sheet with brilliant white, smooth surfaces that provide a perfect substrate for printing, particularly digital printing.


FOAMALITE® printing quickly

FOAMALITE® expanded rigid PVC sheets are ideally suitable for applications in the field of visual communications. Used as a print substrate or as a creative, colored, or co-extruded sheet, FOAMALITE® always delivers what it promises.

FOAMALITE® premium makes the perfect display board for exhibition booths, POS/POP displays or even signage as it is lightweight and also offers excellent dimensional stability.

Thanks to its smooth, white, flat surface, FOAMALITE® x‑press is the ideal choice for outstanding printing results.

FOAMALITE® color offers a choice of nine different color tones. The solid, vibrant colors of the expanded rigid sheets offer optimum color fidelity.



A powerhouse of foam PVC products for print, display, fabrication, woodworking, and more
Palram has been producing PVC products since 1963 and is proud of its reputation as a global leader in the sign & display industry. Through collaboration with printers, designers, fabricators, and OEMs, we developed a line of products to meet a variety of applications and budgets. From general-purpose to premium, brilliant white to vivid colors, in a selection of finishes and sizes, Palram has a solution to meet your specific needs.

PALIGHT foam PVC sheets (also known as cellular PVC) offer an industry-leading combination of brightness, uniformity, workability, and print quality. Lightweight, yet rigid, our PALIGHT products are highly workable, from cutting and routing to bonding and fastening.  Our EverClean film protects sheets against dirt, dust, and fingerprints from our production line to you. Better overall quality. Less scrap.

Continually innovating, PALIGHT is one of the many products that Palram has developed for the ever-evolving print, display, and fabrication markets.


KömaTex – Free-foam PVC sheet printing same day

The multiflexible free skinfoam sheet for advertising
KömaTex free-foam PVC sheets exhibit a highly regular, fine-celled foam structure and a good surface strength. The closed, matt, fine-textured, and high-quality surface presents an excellent substrate for printing, painting, and laminating and is very easy to process.

Excellent properties offer the best conditions for great design potential. KömaTex is therefore a highly interesting solution above all for advertising and building applications. Whether for signs, banners, or displays – for shop or stand design: KömaTex is the right choice. In the colour white 662 (similar to RAL 9003), the sheets are even weatherproof and weather resistant, making them the ideal material for outdoor applications as well.

  • Uniformly and finely structured surface
  • Fine-celled foam structure
  • Good surface strength
  • Excellent printing qualities
  • Good for laminating
  • Very good for bonding
  • Ideal for punching work
  • Simple processing
  • Lightweight
  • Flame resistant
  • Thermoformable
  • same day availability
  • Chemical and corrosion resistant
  • Weatherproof and weather resistant (Colour white 662)
  • Low water absorption
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • 100 % recyclable

We have outlined a list of very important points that explain how our service works. For a detailed explanation on how to use our service please view our how to order page.

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  • Standard rush service available mon-friday.
  • Emergency service 24/7 - available nights, holidays & weekends.
  • Located in most major US cities.
  • Order online for lowest price & fastest service.
  • Order via phone/email - additional fees apply.
  • No pick up.
  • 24-7 customer support available.
  • Free access to our online design studio software on our website is available for most products.


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Order before our daily cut off time to have your order printed the same day, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Order your prints online, fast and easy with same day delivery. We provide expedited printing services to most U.S. cities & towns including New York City - NYC, Los Angeles - LA, Chicago, San Francisco, Houston, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Miami, San  Jose, San Diego. The list of cities that we service is expanding rapidly with many more cities coming soon click to learn more. If you are not located in the USA we now offer worldwide fast expedited shipping. At our huge-always in stock inventory allows for speedy production of all our print services and products. Feel free to use our design studio to design your prints at no additional cost and place your order online. We also print during weekends, holidays and at night or print services in a few hours.


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Got an idea or a task? We’ll make it happen! The diagram below shows you how easy it is to order with us. 90% of all our orders get printed and delivered the same day, that  means printing is done extremly fast - within only a few hours.

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    We carefully package all your items, and send them to you. We make sure they are delivered safely, and on time!


Place An Order


Choose the item you would like to order and upload your design file.


Move To Production


When your design file is ready to go, you just pass it to the Production team and they start working


Payment Processing


After payment is processed, we move to the most excitting stage – printing!




That’s when all the magic happens: your design finally goes LIVE on the items of your choice




We carefully package all your items, and send them to you. We make sure they are delivered safely, and on time.



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