N95 Respirators

N95 Respirator Masks

N95 masks are one of the best forms of respiratory protective wear that is worn over the nose and mouth by both children and adults, with special sizes available for young children. These masks are worn by people seeking to reduce the chance of inhaling unhealthy airborne particles which include airborne viruses as well as other potentially dangerous germs. N95 masks are disposable facemasks made from densely woven synthetic polymer fibres produced in a highly specialised process called melt blowing. It is during this melt blowing process that the protective inner layer of the N95 mask is created. It is this layer which forms the powerful filtration component which is capable of filtering out at least 95% of airborne particles. The effectiveness of N95 masks rely on correct usage, regular disposal of used face shields, and specific positioning on the face. They must entirely cover the nose and mouth, removing any opportunity for unhealthy particles to bypass the filtration layer and be inhaled naturally by the wearer to protect against the contraction of viruses and inhaling hazardous particles like chemical residue, asbestos dust and fibreglass fibres.

Wearing N95 masks has been clinically shown to help reduce the inhalation of compromised air when worn throughout outbreaks and pandemics of respiratory diseases, as well as during periods of, or within areas which, experience intense air and smoke pollution levels throughout the United States. They are effective for filtering out hazardous pathogens which can lead to human illness or can exacerbate existing respiratory disease and conditions. It is important to always maintain clear and unhindered respiration to ensure you remain fit and healthy. Any person with a pre-existing condition, or with a compromised immune system, can benefit from wearing N95 masks while outside in public spaces.  This allows you to more accurately control what you are breathing in when you are unable to control the breathing environment you find yourself in. Examples include while on public transport, inside shopping malls, apartment buildings and offices.

Where to buy N95 masks

During times of peak illness, finding N95 masks for sale can be difficult and physically searching stores can be unsafe. If you are searching for N95 masks, or any other type of surgical face mask in order to protect yourself and your loves ones from the spread of the virus known as coronavirus or its associated respiratory disease Covid-19, as well as any other infectious diseases which include influenza, then you can purchase these masks from reputable US online stores selling trusted medical supplies from world-renowned and leading brands and manufacturers.  

Online shopping during times of pandemic outbreaks is far safer than physically visiting malls and other crowded public spaces. Deliveries to your home or office can be controlled to minimize human contact and packages received can be thoroughly disinfected before opening and disposed of safely. You can also buy N95 masks and other medical supplies wholesale, saving on the price of shipping by bulk buying everything you should have for keeping yourself and your family safe from disease.

What is N95 mask? 

The N95 mask may also be referred to as a P2 mask or as N95 respirators. The name refers to the type of filtration layer the mask contains, capable of acting as antiviral protection, and tells you that this type of mask is effective as removing at least 95% of airborne particles when it covers your nose and mouth.  

The N95 mask is a specially designed and manufactured air filter mask. The protective inner layer within the mask works best when it covers the entire inner surface of the mask. For this reason, it is important your N95 masks are fitted exactly to the manufacturer’s instructions otherwise the mask may not work effectively. It is different to other cloth masks in that it contains a specific type of filtration layer proven to stop airborne particles. Other cloth coverings like standard surgical masks only slightly reduce the chance of inhaling unhealthy particles, with common uses primarily focused on preventing the wearer from spreading their own germs rather than for protecting the wearer from inhaling hazardous materials.

How to wear N95 mask? 

While wearing N95 masks, it should be tight-fitting and it should cover the entire nose and mouth, sitting snuggly against the flesh of your face. Due to the necessity of a complete and tight fit, N95 masks may not be the most effective respiratory protection for anyone with facial hair or for very young kids.

You are protected against inhaling up to 95% of airborne particles, which includes dangerous air pollution and other hazardous airborne pathogens, while you are wearing your mask but please note that it may increase your breathing difficulty while you have it on. To work effectively as an antiviral mask, your full respiration must occur through the protective layers of filtration. This is to ensure that the air which enters your body is drawn through the filters and therefore cleaner and safer than if you were not wearing a mouth mask. However, it is because the air you are breathing must be drawn through the filtration later that you may notice a level of difficulty or more effort required to inhale each breath.

Wearing the mask for short periods of time initially will help you become used to the feeling of the mask as it sits on your face, and of the regular act of breathing while you’re wearing it.

As an aid to prevent the spread of airborne viruses, wearing N95 masks while in a public setting could be beneficial. It may reduce your chances of contracting an illness and of unintentionally spreading an illness that you may not know that you have. But how you respond to wearing it is also important. Do not continue to wear your N95 mask if you are experiencing difficulty in breathing and always consult a medical professional, such as your personal doctor, if you are experiencing shortness of breath or acute respiratory distress. 

How long do N95 masks last?

N95 masks should be replaced once the inside filter of your mask begins to moisten. When moist, the inner protective layer does not work as effectively at removing airborne particles and you are at risk of developing unhealthy germs within the mask itself. They are not washable.

Are N95 masks reusable?

For this reason, N95 masks are not reusable and should be disposed of safely and thoroughly after use. Do not be tempted to wear your N95 masks outside again after they have already been worn in the hopes that it will provide at least minimal protection. Once the inner layer has become moist, drawing air through the mask’s filter can be difficult and you will be tempted to remove the mask entirely. Always apply a fresh mask while outside in public spaces if you believe where you are going is hazardous to your health.

What does a N95 mask protect against?

The N95 mask is a high protection respiration device designed to remove 95% of all airborne particles while worn correctly. This includes virus and disease carrying pathogens like flu germs, as well as foreign hazardous materials like asbestos dust, fibreglass shavings, airborne pollution and chemical residues.

Wearing N95 masks will help reduce your chances of contracting disease while inside infected areas but a strict personal hygiene and regular disinfection of your hands and other surfaces like your phone should also be followed. Your mask will only help with minimizing your exposure to airborne particles you may breathe into your body. 

Other ways of increasing your virus protection and stopping the spread of viruses may be more beneficial to you and include adhering to a strict personal hygiene practice and limiting your time spent in public spaces like the grocery store, gas stations, subways, pharmacies and other indoor environments. Contact with public surfaces should also be limited and you should wash your hands for a minimum of 30 seconds with soap and warm water before you leave your home and upon arriving home again after being out in public spaces. Soap and warm water remain the highest standard in hand hygiene as the combination helps to remove the naturally occurring oils on human skin responsible for trapping microbes which are then distributed to open areas of our body where they can be inhaled or ingested.

While you are outside, you may not be able to always control your contact with other surfaces or have access to warm water and soap. Therefore, it is recommended that you carry some form of hand sanitizer with you that is ideally alcohol based with a minimum 70% alcohol content. The alcohol content of your sanitizer should be clearly displayed on your label. Also carry alcohol wipes with you for wiping down surfaces like shopping baskets and trolleys as well as the handles of communal fridges, doors, etc.

Other forms of sanitizers that carry active ingredients like benzalkonium chloride instead of alcohol are effective at removing most forms of germs but not all. While outside and in environments that you are unable to control, or which may be filled with other people, try to minimize how often you touch your face with your hands until you have an opportunity to wash or sanitize them thoroughly. Wearing surgical gloves like those worn by healthcare workers while you are out in public can assist with minimizing potentially compromised surfaces. Ensure that they are disposed of when you get home appropriately and that you wash your hands again even after wearing them.

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