How the Program Works
What are the benefits of the Rewards® program?
As a member, you earn 5% back in rewards for online purchases only. You can use your earned rewards to make purchases online.
Every Purchase you make earns your 1 point and For every 20 points you get $1.00

Is there a cost to join the Rewards® program?
No. There is not. It is free to join & you are automatically registered to our rewards program when creating an account online.

How do I earn Rewards?
Make a purchase online at and have it successfully marked as completed

How will I receive my Rewards?
Your rewards are automatically added into your account rewards page when an order is successfully marked as completed.

How often are Rewards issued?
Rewards are issued instantly after your order is successfully marked as completed.

How do I redeem my rewards points?
In order to redeem points, follow the below steps.
1) Create Coupon from the rewards point page in your account
2) Enter the number of points you want to redeem
3) Generate a coupon for such points
3) Copy generated coupon and redeem coupon during Checkout Process

I'm not currently a Rewards member and I would like to enroll in the program. How do I do that?
Simply sign up at and place an order.

What happens if I don't use my entire reward on one purchase?
Your coupon code can only be used once if there is any amount left over it will be unredeemable. We recommend that you only redeem the exact amount you are going to use for your order because once your coupon code is generated we cannot undo it.

I joined the Rewards® program today, but I just placed an order yesterday. Can I get credit for that purchase?
Unfortunately, you cannot.

I received a Rewards® coupon after I placed an order. Can I apply it to the order I placed?
Unfortunately, you cannot.